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documentary shortfilm

screened at, Waidhofen/Ybbs 2023

YOUKI is an international film and media festival for young filmmakers in Wels/Austria.

2022, the artist duo MAL HANS MAL FRANZ was invited to produce a festival film over the period of the festival, which is shown at the YOUKI gala.
The film is a documentary journey, which starts where the two filmmakers were housed:
on the 10th floor of a high-rise in a small town in Austria ...





a very 2020 video by XhansXfranz

created for and curated by



inspired by Covid-19

05/2016   “< / >” links oder rechts     

an experimental shortfilm 

Presidential election day, Vienna, Austria:

An unpersonalized box without any opinion.

The white box is walking around in Vienna, stopping at each crossroad, waiting for random people to decide whether to walk left or right. 

It is therefore depending on the peoples indications and tries to communicate with its surrounding. The box performed in public space and interacted with it.

XhansXfranz  documented its path and its interaction with the public on the streets

for about 2 hours.


An attempt to illustrate the complexity of decisionmaking, referring to the political

setting of Austria, on May 22nd 2016.

09/2016 Performance      “Schlammphilosophie"

in public space at “Karlsplatz”   

exhibited at BITORESC, Heiligenkreuzer Hof, 1010 Wien

The manipulation and instrumentalization of public information.

One person was lying in the fountain of "Karlsplatz", having the ears under water.

The other person was reading headlines out of daily newspapers.

The person in the water repeated the phrases as understood.

Information transformed, polarised, confused or got lost

during this performative two channel intervention,

which referred to the inequal access to information

depending on each one's social condition. 

10/2017 what are you hoping for  

- one possible cross-section in public space 



Due to the political framework, the national council elections in Austria in 2017, XhansXfranz decided to embody cross-sectional encounters of their immediate surrounding in their work. 


XhansXfranz explore the public underground space; its sounds, moods, contents and political paradoxons during the night before the elections. Audio recordings combined with intuitive video material create one possible insight into the diversity and complexity of the public. 

05/2018 »Waffles for everyone!«

a performance at the festival OSKAR NIMMT PLATZ at Oskar Kokoschka Platz, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Everyone has the right to waffles. They shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. The right to waffles has been recognized as a human right in a number of international conventions, including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which recognizes a right to free utilization as well as an obligation to develop equitable access. The right to waffles also includes a responsibility to provide basic information for individuals.

Waffles shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.

XhansXfranz offer freshly-made Waffles for everyone at Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz. In order to receive your waffle with the ordered toping, such as strawberries with whipped cream, the customers/participants are asked to fill out a registration form. Further, a questionary, consisting of more than 70 questions. Not only the questioning, but the whole procedure illustrate critically the socalled free and equal access to our educational system with its bureocratic hurdles.


06/2017 M. E. - we ease the       material burden on you
A performance at the festival »on.dialogue«, curated by Julian Gamisch, Vienna 

XhansXfranz take up the issue of material abundance by staging themselves as a company that offers material liberation. 
The visitors get the possibility to donate som
ething they have no need for any longer when entering the festival. Then the visitors are kindly asked to  hand over their object in a separated room, in which they get questioned regarding their personal relation to the object. In exchange the company offers a little welcoming present. 

The welcoming presents consist of objects nobody needed anymore, collected at the online platform, for free. 

The received objects are therefore firstly documented and then uploaded on to illustrate the never ending vicious circle of consumption and its pretended liberation.


4 months of a virtual dialogue on Instagram between Singapore and Vienna


Due to Xavas artistic residency in Singapore from August to December 2018, the collective XhansXfranz was located in two cities on two continents at the same time. Thus, the two artists, Julia Polzer (based in Vienna) and Xava Mikosch (based in Singapore) decided to communicate virtually during that time, only. They used the social platform Instagram for posting video recordings on a rotating basis, inspired by associations in their different environments


In total the Instagram page witnesses a virtual dialogue consisting of more than 40 videos clips.




experimental video  

a confrontation with prohibitions in public space

in solidarity to everything that falls out of line

 -- Singapore 2018 --

05/2017 »maroniwasser«          an interactive performance at the festival          »NICHTS« (nothingness) organized by Daniel    Krammer in Rottenmann, Styria

XhansXfranz approach the festival's theme in multiple ways via embedding their performance in a transmedial setting. The audible component consists of an accumulation/collection of definitions of nothingness, given by random people interviewed on the street. In addition, the visual part, which projects YouTube results, shows visual associations with nothingness. While the visitors are invited to explore the darkened space with torches, xhansxfranz are performing in a separated room inside the exhibition, live-screening their actions on the outside wall, Constructing a multimedial interactive and subjective something around nothingness.

01/2017 YOUYOU

a performance at AIL, Vienna. Performance Workshop 365 days by Xiou Bin


The socalled filter bubble is a very common term when talking about social networks and the reproduction of information within the same personalized group based on information about the user. People reconfirm, multiply and intensify their opinions and isolate themselves from confrontation with differences.


Wrapped in plastic and being forced together on limited space, we moved through the exhibition space, confirming each other with compliments. After 40 minutes we start to liberate ourselves and each other from the plastic by rubbing against sharp objects and other components of the exhibition space. Finally we decided to slowly move outside, where we suceeded to remove the plastic and  enter into another space. 

10/2017 participating the performance:
Exposion of silence a silent chorus
with claudia bosse 
at vienna praterstern
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